Vehicle / Parking Access System

Parking gate systems can work either locally or as integrated with the card access system; Moreover, the integration of the card pass system to work with people in the card pass system will provide integration and reporting facilities.

Vehicle Access System can be made by 2 methods.

  1. In the first method, a tag or sticker method to be placed in the vehicle with a long distance reader (Card Pass Panel, Long distance reader, vehicle identification device)
  2. The second method is camera identification. (Server, software, camera, lighting)
  3. The first method is not a separate based system, it is common practice because it can be easily integrated into the card pass system, due to the low risk of errors in foggy, snowy weather conditions or muddy plate conditions. However, it will be appropriate to install CCTV cameras at the relevant points in order to detect and record the vehicles entering and exiting.
  4. Although the vehicle passage system must be used with a barrier device, it must be used together with road blocker or bollard devices according to the risk factor.
  5. In fact, if possible, it will be appropriate to construct a bump or similar obstacle to slow down the vehicle before the vehicle arrives at the checkpoint.