SMATV & IPTV Systems

What is IPTV?

IPTV systems have left behind the traditional concept of Pay TV, enabling all the formation and predictions in this field to change and develop. IPTV technology allows both TV and PayTV systems to be delivered to TVs over an IP infrastructure (LAN) instead of a conventional coaxial cable. IPTV Application Areas? Interactive IPTV systems are especially preferred by the following institutions that want to generate revenue from customer intensive and value added services or provide multi-point TV services:

IPTV Application Areas?

  1. Hotels
  2. Hospitals
  3. Airports
  4. Shopping malls
  5. Stadiums
  6. Educational institutions
  7. All institutions with video communication

Interaktif IPTV

The IPTV system provides the best way to fulfill both entertainment and communication needs of your customers who expect a wide range of content and high service quality. Customer satisfaction, which starts with the first time your guest enters the room and sees a special "Welcome..." message in his/her native language, and gradually increases as they use it, brings the hotel an increase in revenue and prestige at the same rate.

Interactive TV technology, developed to meet increasing customer demands and offer more in the face of rapidly developing technology, offers solutions that support both past and future infrastructure investments. The system, which is completely on demand, can provide high quality service over any network infrastructure.

Interactive services can be utilized not only by new or project hotels, but also by hotels with an existing infrastructure that cannot be rewired. The aforementioned services that can be sold over these infrastructures are: Video on Demand, Audio on Demand, High Speed Internet Connection, Internet on TV.

All interactive services and internet access are provided via a single cable (coaxial or data/telephone cable) to the interactive TV set. Thus, the hotel management who wants to extend the internet service to the room does not need to provide separate LAN switches, cabling, software and servers for interactive and internet solutions.

It is possible to offer hotels a variety of content packages to suit their customer profile. Regardless of your infrastructure, all content offered is ondemand. In these packages, the hotel guest has full control over the consumption of the content and can start, freeze, pause or resume at any time. Services where the customer has full control over the consumption of the content are referred to as "ondemand".

A wide range of content packages allows the hotel guest to select quality and current movies, programs or music albums from a list of different categories. The user does not have to start using the content in the middle or at the end, as in older systems or existing pay channels. Everything is under the customer's control and this increases content sales much more than traditional systems.

On-demand content is not the only factor that increases sales. Another important factor is the quality and timeliness of this content. The content you offer should be diverse enough to appeal to all tastes and segments.

Regardless of the content or service purchased, the customer has all kinds of preliminary information (duration, language options, age limit, subject, cover, banner, cast, price preview, etc.) about the product they are purchasing from the information pages. All kinds of tools to increase the sales of services and content (package sales, promotions, content advertisements, statistical information, etc.) come with the system.

All interactive services can be monitored and managed by the hotel staff from our console. Checkin options such as package options of paid services or language selection can be set during checkin via PMS.

Main Features of IPTV Systems :

  1. Pay TV (Video On Demand) services
  2. TV & Radio channels in rooms
  3. Customer-specific welcome message
  4. Ability to order (restaurant, SPA, room service, etc.)
  5. Housekeeping feature (room being cleaned, dirty, clean)
  6. EPG (Electronic Program Guide), TV Streaming
  7. Hotel information pages (Info Pages)
  8. Ability to offer hotel advertising channel
  9. Language options (English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Italian, etc...)
  10. Integration with front office software
  11. Ability to send messages to TVs
  12. Control of both TV and IPTV system with a single remote control
  13. TV faceplate design in line with the hotel concept
  14. Guest can view their account on TV
  15. System supporting HD, encrypted/unencrypted broadcasts
  16. Internet access with wireless keyboard on TV
  17. Central system management

IPTV Equipment:

IPTV broadcasting is delivered to the end point via Set Top Box (STB) in hotel type TVs with standard HDMI input. The STB box connects to the network via LAN cable and receives the broadcast, while connecting to the TV via HDMI cable.

The need for STB has been eliminated in new generation Smart TV enabled hotel TVs. IPTV broadcast is given from the network to the TV.


The differences between the standard TV solution SMA TV and IPTV are summarized below:

SMATV systems have a limit on the number of TV channels. SMATV systems can broadcast a maximum of 55 channels with acceptable image quality, while IPTV systems have no channel limitations. Since it is a necessity to offer TV channels of their own country to foreign guests, especially in hotels with business hotel concept, an average of 100-120 channels are needed with Turkish channels.

In SMATV systems, image quality decreases depending on cabling and distance, and full HD broadcasts cannot be given in the desired quality. There is no problem in image quality in IPTV systems.

IPTV systems can offer many interactive features to the customer. SMATV systems can only offer a limited number of TV channels in a predetermined order.

In IPTV systems, PayTV service can be offered without installing a separate system. This is a source of income for the hotel and an additional service for guests.

In IPTV systems, Digital Signage service can be provided without installing a separate system. All broadcasts in meeting rooms, elevators, etc. can be managed from a single point.

The IPTV system is integrated into the front office software (PMS). This integration provides extra features such as greeting with customer language and name, automatic writing of services received on the customer folio, child lock....

The IPTV system is open to innovations and additional integrations. For example, if desired, the fire warning system can be integrated into the IPTV system, customer satisfaction surveys can be conducted, reservations or hotel services can be purchased via TV, Tablet PC/Smartphone integrations are possible. Images can be transferred from any IP camera in the hotel to the TV system (e.g. events such as conference rooms, meeting rooms...) In hotels using IPTV systems, the need for coaxial cabling and therefore its cost is eliminated.