Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems, especially the persons who are authorized only at the entrance / exit points of the project area, can enter / exit when and when they are authorized and to determine whether they are in the campus in case of an emergency; It is established with the aim of providing locations within the campus to be used by certain people (at certain time intervals, if desired), integrating with the car park access control system, pedestrian turnstile passage system, and making all these in an order.

As the Card Access System should be integrated with the parking access control system. Integrating with the CCTV System will also increase the efficiency of the system.

In a Card Pass System;

  1. Registration and management units (Server, panels, licenses and software)
  2. Field Equipment (Card or biometric readers, parking OGS readers, locks pushbuttons, turnstiles, X-ray and metal detectors etc.
  3. Infrastructure materials are the basic elements. (Mast, cable, etc.)