CCTV Systems

CCTV System (Closed Circuit Camera System) is important in terms of detecting and presenting the events (mayhem, terror, theft, accident, death, etc.) around the campus and within the campus.

CCTV system, mainly; In order to detect the attempts to enter within the project boundaries from the environment, it is established to detect the events that may occur in the project. In addition, it can be used for the purpose of evidence in the detection of problems that may occur in locations where there are vehicle and pedestrian entry and exit areas and to be supportive in parking access control.

CCTV systems have been installed with analog devices in the past years; Today, IP systems are preferred because IP-based device costs approach to analog device costs, infrastructure materials and labor are more appropriate, open to development and superior technological features.

In a CCTV System;

  1. Recording and management units (Server, NVR, licenses and software)
  2. Cameras (Lenses and other features,)
  3. Lighting devices
  4. Infrastructure materials are the basic elements. (Mast, cable, etc.)