Fire Detection System

Fire detection and alarm systems are systems for protecting both life and property in order to detect fires that may occur in all kinds of buildings, buildings, facilities and enterprises at the beginning stage, to inform the occupants of this situation and to inform the necessary security units and fire department. Although all security systems are important, the necessity of fire detection can be understood more clearly considering the damages that a fire can cause to a building and its inhabitants.

Fire detection systems are designed in accordance with applicable fire protection regulations and relevant standards. A wide variety of applications can be made in buildings to meet different needs. In today's technological structure, the need and level of integration between fire detection systems and other security and control systems is increasing day by day in buildings such as high-rise buildings, factories, business centers, hospitals and education and health campuses.

The type, size and architectural structure of the facility will be decisive for the system we propose for you. Turkey has special conditions to be complied with the standards and regulations referred to by the Fire Protection Regulation. System design in Turkey and other countries in EN54-14 TSE adopted by the NFPA, EN, VDS, such as different standards are used.

Designing the fire detection system in accordance with the regulations and standards and using the most appropriate system for the need is vital for ensuring the safety of life and property in your buildings and your legal responsibilities.

The fire safety measures you want to implement are discussed and the need and level of integration of the fire detection and alarm system with CCTV, voice alarm and voice control, access control and building automation and elevator systems in your building are determined.