About Us

VESTA, project design services in the field of weak current building technologies; engineering services, implementation and contracting; project management services, consultancy and technical consultancy services; is a professional engineering company providing service, maintenance and operation services.

VESTA Offers Reliable and Correct Solutions in Building Technologies…

Our Quality Approach.

On the basis of our quality understanding; In all of our project and application works we will carry out works in accordance with national and international standards, regulations and engineering principles.

In this context, our quality principles that we take as basis in all our Works,

  1. To work in accordance with human and moral values within the framework of social responsibility.
  2. Efficient use of all resources effectively.
  3. To create added value in every work done.
  4. To engage in activities that will contribute to the development of our employees and our social environment.
  5. With the philosophy of continuous improvement to do the best we can do in our work.
  6. Always have the necessary knowledge and experience in accordance with the requirements of the time in our work.
  7. To create a satisfied and loyal customer base.

Our Difference

  1. Engineering-oriented work in accordance with laws and regulations, national and international standards,
  2. Customer-oriented solution planning,
  3. High customer satisfaction and service continuity,
  4. Current technology and knowledge,
  5. Quality products and services,
  6. High integration capability,
  7. Expert staff in the field,
  8. Quality of after-sales service,